Advantages of HDTV

DirecTV currently offers 95 channels of high definition television, also known as HDTV. Buying a new movie in Blue Ray or HD format can be expensive. In fact, you may be limited to enjoying your new widescreen TV on the weekends, when you can afford to buy a new $50.00 DVD. Order Satellite TV not […]

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jesus knows

Sandra (not her real name) has been coming to me for support for some time now. Someone warned her that her husband was raping her little girl. It’s a tough battle and even she had to testify. This week I have been under interrogation for two days about my actions “to steal” my son from […]


A contingency plan is developed to prepare a company to face abnormal situations and mitigate the impact of sudden disasters. The plan describes the procedure to be followed in the event of failure of one or more critical systems. The implementation of a contingency plan depends on the size of the organization and the resources […]


Improve your recruiting work with an online test

I recently came across a discussion online about the recruitment process. HR typically agreed that a complete hiring process would include: Review and presentation of all resumes. Call and schedule interviews with desired candidates Technical knowledge short quiz/exam and psychometric tests Initial interview by the human resources manager Technical interview with the department head. Background […]

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Renovate your house cheaply before you sell it

You’ve made the decision to sell your home and you want to make a great impression on potential buyers. There are some simple and inexpensive things you can do around your home to prepare for that all-important first impression. The same information applies to rental property if you hope to attract tenants. Are the outlet […]