COVID-19 Issues for ERISA Retirement Plan Sponsors

The economic disruption in the first two quarters of 2020, combined with future business uncertainty about the COVID-19 pandemic, is prompting the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) sponsors of retirement plans to review their pension plan administration options. Industry sectors that have been particularly affected by COVID include retail, hospitality, healthcare, transportation, commercial real […]


How to give your dog a home enema

Sometimes you may need to do more than just give your sick dog solid or liquid medications. Depending on your condition and symptoms, you may also need to provide other types of nursing care, such as giving enemas. Here is an efficient way to use this procedure: The use of enemas can be beneficial for […]


What is really happening with deflation in Japan?

What is really happening with deflation in Japan? Many people think that deflation in Japan has made the country invested. Judging from the opinion promulgated in the major news networks, the global sentiment of the Japanese economy and Japanese stocks could hardly be worse. However, on the other hand, we also know that the moment […]

Digital Marketing

10 tips to optimize on-page SEO

These are our top 10 tips for optimizing on-page SEO on your website 1. Create high-quality content The important thing to optimize and improve SEO on the blog page is to produce the best possible content. Quality content that interests your audience. Content that solves your audience’s persistent problems while delivering what they’re looking for. […]