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16GB Samsung Galaxy S4 now available for $ 200

Word recently spread that AT&T had set a price at which it was going to offer the Samsung galaxy s4. The pricing information was way out of date, people were really eager to know because everyone was in the dark. The information people had was that AT&T would offer the Samsung Galaxy s4 for a price of $ 250, with a two-year contract. AT&T clarified on this statement, the Samsung Galaxy s4 32GB is the one that is priced at $ 250, while the 16GB device will be offered for $ 200 and the contract will also extend for two years. The price is quite fair and now I realize why most smartphone enthusiasts say that the Samsung Galaxy s4 will put the HTC One out of business.

One of the features that gives the Samsung Galaxy s4 the edge over the HTC One is the fact that the latter has expandable memory even though it already has a huge built-in memory, while the HTC One does not have such capabilities. Many smartphone buyers generally prefer 16GB devices, so the $ 200 price tag is pretty fair, as many can save that amount of cash. The way things are going with the hype, buzz, and inquiries about the Samsung Galaxy s4, it won’t surprise me that AT&T clears the shelves after the first week of sales.

Samsung galaxy s4 has managed to build a huge following due to its surprisingly stylish design and outstanding features. The cover, the huge screen, the processing speed and the Android 4.2 operating system that runs on it are simply outstanding. This is like putting all these amazing things together and putting them in one package to produce one spectacular device. Pre-orders are said to start on April 16. I wonder when they will hit the shelves. Hopefully we’ll have them supplied to stores near us in May, so let’s have a little patience and see. In my opinion, 16GB is a lot of memory for a smartphone, so for those who want the 32GB galaxy s4 but find it quite expensive, they can also go for the 16GB device. I’m sure there is a lot you can store with 16GB and don’t forget the targeted prices. In this case, we are surely getting quality at an affordable price.

AT&T, which is one of the largest transportation companies in the world, has managed to set up a great marketing campaign for the Samsung Galaxy s4, so there is no doubt that they will get a lot of cash from the device. People on different continents have been asking when the device will arrive, hopefully the distribution will be quick and everyone will get their fair share of this technological bundle of delight. If you are looking for a sophisticated smartphone that is sure to turn heads, look no further, the Samsung Galaxy s4 is your kind of phone.

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