Student Hypnosis: New Study Aid or Unfair Advantage?

Ask most college students if they have experienced hypnosis and they will tell you about a hypnosis program they saw in high school or college. It was fun and intriguing, but they haven’t thought about it since. However, hypnosis can provide students with much more than entertainment. Some know this personally. They just don’t say […]


How depression affects school performance

When a teen fails or does poorly in school, parents can react with understandable frustration and try everything from bribery to punishment to get their teen to change things. When all else fails, the tension rises and everyone gets exasperated and doesn’t know what causes and cures problems at school. Depression, and not obstinacy or […]


What Are the 6 CSR Principles?

6 CSR Principles The six CSR principles are fundamental in achieving a sustainable business model. They are vital to the long-term success of a company. If a company does not practice these principles, it will not succeed. The first principle is to engage the community. Often, companies that engage in CSR are doing good things […]


5 Easy Methods of Successful Puppy Training

Many years ago, dog training classes were not started until the dog was at least 6 months old. Some trainers even believed that 12 months was soon enough. Well, times have changed and most people believe that the first months of a dog’s life are the most important and valuable time to start training. Here […]


Should a Press Release Be Sent As an Attachment?

Press Release When you send a press release, include a photograph or graphic. Many news stories feature photographs and captions. A well-composed photograph can add visual interest to a press release. Avoid head-and-shoulders shots or photos with logos in the background. A black-and-white photo may be difficult to edit, but it can still be effective. […]