Dell 1609WX Projector Review

Dell has made a movie projector at a real cheap price. The 1609wx has two VGA input ports and one DVI input port. This means you can have a movie or slide show on your computer and at the same time project the image on the wall. This portable movie projector projects in 16:10 format […]


How does water affect Vietnamese culture?

Why do so many tourists come to Vietnam? And what makes them book holidays in Vietnam? There are many reasons. One of these reasons is the unique Vietnamese culture. So what is Vietnamese culture? This is a very big kingdom and no one could tell in an article. However, today I am talking about the […]


Why is Golf the Best Sport?

Golf the Best Sport It seems that golf is a simple game – just swing a club at a ball until it lands in a hole. In reality, it requires an incredible amount of focus and precision. While golf does require a certain amount of physicality, it also teaches you important life lessons, including respect, […]


Job skills gap or lack of fit

During the Great Recession and since then, we have heard of a skills gap in the United States, which is partly responsible for low productivity and, by extension, slow economic growth. There seems to be evidence of an employment gap. There are currently 6.2 million job vacancies, compared to 5.6 in 2016; 45% of small […]