Living altars: the lady’s vanity

With cosmetics, jewelry box, hairbrush, comb, and a dainty chair, the dressing table was a fixture in movie making during the 1930s to 1960s. In the movies, a woman who wears lingerie or a negligee while sitting at the dressing table rarely attracts her audience. She applied makeup after examining her face for signs of […]

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Fiji Grander Blue Marlin

I have yet to applaud a greater one in my roll, although a highly experienced colleague of mine tagged a blue last year in the waters off Kadavu. To quote him directly: ‘It was the biggest blue I’ve ever seen. It scared the crew to death when they saw its size. I reckon he weighed […]

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Most Popular Alaska Cruise Lines

Alaska is one of the most popular global destinations when it comes to cruises today. With this in mind, you can imagine that many of the most luxurious and elite cruise lines have expanded their services to accommodate travel to Alaska. One of the most popular and affordable Alaska cruise lines is Princess Cruises. This […]

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Organize your home for “yourself”

Many people have a horizon of when they will sell their houses. It can be one year, two years or five years. The family is growing and they need bigger rooms…the kids are grown and want to downsize…the house is too big as they get older…Florida is attractive…or whatever the reason. When it comes time […]

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facebook marketing

Production and distribution largely depends on the marketing strategy chosen by an organization. The marketing strategy mainly involves the advertising and promotion of your product. It helps to establish a brand image and establishes a relationship with the target market. Designing innovative and attractive advertisements, creative images and brand recognition are the objectives of the […]