Top Ten Ways to Increase Yield Guaranteed!

Athletes and even non-athletes are always looking for ways to build an EDGE! Here are ten surefire ways to INCREASE performance… Guaranteed! 1.) Know your goals = Sounds obvious, but I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met and trained that just don’t know what they want. Usually they can only tell me what […]


DCAA Indirect Cost Preparation by the Experts

The Defense Contracts Audit Agency or DCAA is a watchdog that conducts a strict audit before awarding contracts to any civilian body. They do not carry out the audits themselves, but are asked to do so on behalf of different military wings and even some civilian ones. Strict auditing is done to ensure that taxpayers’ […]


How to Green Your IT with Cloud Computing: Facts Every CEO/CFO Should Know

“Going Green” in your business means making a reduction in the overall environmental impact of your business. Typically, there are a number of areas you’ll look at: energy inefficiency and consumption, materials (stopping waste and using sustainable/renewable materials), and finally, making sure you’re using “green” products, equipment, and services. Some of the things you do […]