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Types of newsletters and their content

Do you want to write a newsletter? There are three main types of newsletters in this post, each with content and features tailored to their specific audiences. The company newsletter Many offices have a company newsletter, which they use to keep employees abreast of new information and developments about the business. Done correctly (and tested […]

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Joint Pain During Menopause Requires Your Attention

Many women experience joint pain symptoms of menopause. Medical experts have investigated the connection between hormonal changes and this type of pain. Some women experience joint and muscle pain, mouth discomfort, headaches, and some even report heart palpitations. Interestingly, women suffering from tension headaches, abdominal pain or facial pain noted that their symptoms decreased after […]

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Past Lives Meditation Exercise

I am going to share with you an advanced meditation technique used for the sole purpose of taking a look at your past life. Don’t be discouraged if you have trouble with this exercise, it takes practice to master. 1. This meditation will take approximately 30 minutes, you will want to get into a comfortable […]