5 Easy Methods of Successful Puppy Training

Many years ago, dog training classes were not started until the dog was at least 6 months old. Some trainers even believed that 12 months was soon enough. Well, times have changed and most people believe that the first months of a dog’s life are the most important and valuable time to start training. Here are some reasons why.

  • Puppies are constantly learning every day.
  • They will learn regardless of whether we intentionally teach them or not.
  • Puppies learn quickly because they don’t have a preconceived opinion of any particular situation.
  • Puppies are very open-minded, so you can turn them into a wonderful obedient pet.

There are various forms of training but I always prefer what is friendlier to the dogs.

Obviously we can’t cover everything in this short article, but here’s a quick overview.

  1. Chance Training – This is introducing a puppy to training without the puppy being aware that he is being trained.
  2. precautionary training – With a new command, I wait until the pup does what I want before giving the command. While he is looking to get the treat or reward from him, I enter the “Watch” command. The pup should be rewarded instantly, as a pup has a very short attention span.
  3. sitting down – Kneel on the ground and encourage the puppy to pay attention and allow him to sniff the bite you have in your hand. Wave your hand above the puppy’s head. The pup will sit up, as it is easier to look at the treat from the sitting position. Praise and command to sit only once the puppy is seated. He repeat 9-10 times.
  4. The origin– Start the same way as the sit. But this time use your open hand like an umbrella to cover the food. The pup will try various ways to get the food. He can smell it, but not see it. He will try to push your hand away with his nose. Then he will find that this task is made much easier if he lies down. As soon as he lies down, enter the “down” command, verbally praise him and give him the treat, in the down position.
  5. retirement – The command to call or “come” is an important command for the behavior and safety of the dog. This can be taught during the same time as sitting and lying down. Have someone hold the dog while he is kneeling on the ground. Walk a short distance from the dog, kneel or sit on the ground. Put both hands out in front of you to get the puppies’ attention. Give the command “come”. Once you have the puppy’s attention, tell the helper to release the dog. As he runs, he remembers the “Come” command with much praise and enthusiasm. Once he arrives, praise him and give him a reward bite. Do not try to make the puppy sit or lie down at the same time. Do one exercise at a time, over and over again until you get the hang of it.

It should be clear that even very young puppies can be taught a lot. With good technique and a great attitude, little ones can learn quickly. Let us always remember that the idea behind training is to build trust and bond with its owner. These exercises should be fun and in a relaxed environment. This way the pup will WANT to keep learning.

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