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The 51st State is a podcast dedicated to Americana music, a genre which has experienced a recent boom in popularity. During its run, americana podcast has featured interviews with artists from all over the country. Many of these artists, like Robert Earl Keen, the pioneer of Americana, discuss their creative process, successes and failures. The 51st State is a great resource for newcomers and enthusiasts of the genre.

Hosted by Robert Earl Keen, a Texas Country singer-songwriter and producer, the 51st State is a unique opportunity to hear the stories behind the Americana genre. While REK has performed around the country countless times, he is still relatively new to the role of host. His daughter Clara, a fellow singer-songwriter, helped him come up with the idea for the podcast. Together, the two plan to continue growing the genre by interviewing other artists and introducing new listeners to new artists.

The 51st State was created by Robert Earl Keen, a Texas Country singer-songwriter, who has been active in the music business for more than three decades. His music has been characterized by its eclectic style, emulating both country and jazz. His Americana Podcast has included several episodes with artists including Jamestown Revival, The Milk Carton Kids, Lucero, and The White Buffalo. The podcast’s mission is to expand the audience for Americana and connect fans with new and interesting artists.

americana podcast

Robert Earl Keen is the host of the Americana Podcast, which he hopes will expand the Americana genre’s reach and influence. The 51st State is a monthly show, which you can support through PayPal or Patreon. Patrons get access to bonus content and FBI files, among other things. Become a patron of the Americana Podcast today! Just $1 a month is enough! The 51st State is a great podcast for fans of Americana, but consider donating more if you can.

Whether you are an old-time fan or a newcomer, the 51st State is a great way to get acquainted with some of the best artists in the genre. By interviewing other artists from the genre, you will learn about their work and how to perform it better. If you’re not familiar with the genre, be sure to check out this podcast. It will help you discover new artists and expand its reach.

Americana Podcast: The 51st State is a podcast featuring interviews with musicians and artists in the genre. Its host is Robert Earl Keen, a country singer-songwriter who has released 19 albums and worked in the music industry for thirty years. His music is unique and genre-defying, and he’s even featured in Gavin’s list of the top ten. In addition to interviewing other artists, the show also includes some of the most talented and aspiring artists in the Americana scene.

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