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Answers to Common Questions About Deer Valley Ski Resort

Deer Valley Ski Resort is an extremely popular resort that resides in Utah and is even well known outside of the state. The complex is located in the historic mining community of Park City, Utah, which is approximately 36 miles from the Salt Lake City International Airport. It is available using I-80 and Highway 224.

Not far from historic Main Street is the real Deer Valley Ski Resort. Main Street is located approximately one mile from the bottom of Deer Valley and is easily accessible via a short drive or free citywide shuttle bus.

There are many different means of booking your trip for the resort, but it is preferable that you book it directly through the resort. There are good reasons why you should book your ski trip. In fact, it is the only full service getaway center owned and controlled by the resort and has access to the largest stock of hotels in the ski area. The rewards consist of local professionals offering personalized getaway services, negotiated transportation and various other activity services, cheaper non-holiday elevator passes and exclusive teen prices for our winter season visitor, and free chairlift rides deals. all day for cyclists, backpackers and landscapes. elevator services.

There is actually a distinction between the Snow Park and Silver Lake regions. Snow Park is the base area of ​​Deer Valley and is actually close to the downtown area, Historic Main Street, which is just a mile from the Lodge. Silver Lake’s location is actually a European community, based in the middle of the mountain, about three and a half miles from the base of Snow Park.

If you’re interested in some more fun activities and services that are accessible, other activities and services that are available include: pre-arrival grocery shopping providers, spas and health groups, and amazing hot air balloon rides.

It is commonly asked if there are accessible overnight accommodations at Snow Park or Silver Lake Lodges. Unfortunately they are both day shelters and do not offer rooms for the night. However, several hotel properties are available near the two hostels, so there are plenty of opportunities to stay overnight.

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