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Are you still single at 40? Maybe you are a snow white

Who me? Self sabotage?

Still single? Yes … self-sabotage. Can you accept that a part of you is terrified of being disappointed … again?

Somehow, your Saboteur has gotten the idea that you are safer living alone. She is convinced that you would rather be alone than be happy. Oh. Doubtful? How do YOU ​​explain how you have manifested being single all these years … and have done so completely?

The True Love Saboteurs each have a unique sabotage style in their personalities. Whether you are Rapunzel, Snow White or Scarlett O’Hara, your luck in love will change once you know your own sabotage style. There is very good news here. Your Saboteur is the most powerful protester you are likely to encounter. Think about it, you have manifested your singleness despite all your efforts to find your True Love.

Once you seduce your Saboteur and have him work on your side, what could be possible for you?

Ladies, it is my pleasure to introduce you to True Love Saboteur Snow White:

White as snow

  • Sweet … some find it wearily.
  • The girl next door seems … Think of Ellen Degeneres. I love how she shines with confidence.
  • Evil wit
  • He is tolerant of many points of view and rarely talks about religion and politics.
  • Patient to the extreme and often to her own harm as she can patiently endure an old relationship that has passed its expiration point.
  • You get busy with the minutiae of life and miss out on opportunities for fun and new relationship possibilities.
  • He looks and says that she is ready for love, but that she is secretly and resolutely protected.
  • Extremely vulnerable to broken hearts and tries to rescue everyone, whether they want his help or not.
  • Perennially cheerful and optimistic (Scarlett and Rapunzel find this very upsetting)
  • She longs for someone to come and take care of her for a change … she wants rest and peace more than anything.
  • She doesn’t think she’s self-sabotaging, she’s just too busy helping everyone else solve their problems and doesn’t have time to focus on what she wants.
  • He’s the friend everyone calls for advice because …
  • She never says no to anyone.
  • Keeping everyone smiling and entertained is your natural gift, but it can get compulsive.
  • Addicted to being useful.
  • Stay in the shadow of successful people instead of stepping out into your own sphere of influence.
  • Her fears separate her from what she wants most. She is afraid of being afraid more than of what scares her. When you realize this, you will easily attract the love you want.

Secret of the saboteur’s seduction: Snow White’s strength is her grace under fire and her sense of humor. The Saboteur is EXPERT in the part of grace under fire. She has been putting out fires for years and is ready for change. So your secret, Snow White, is to give your sense of humor a makeover. Take a vow to eliminate sarcasm.

Create an action plan with bite-sized steps and just do it. The change in your energy will amaze you. Practice being funny with kindness. Your Saboteur will be confused at first because sarcasm has worked so well to keep love away. You will LOVE the attention you get when you can be kind and hysterical! She whispered to me and told me to tell you to keep an eye on Ellen.

Why are Snow White great love matches?

Snow White has a natural loving energy that calms the troubled heart. She celebrates her man and being a wife excites her. She has outside interests that she is passionate about, but her man is a delightful approach and she loves it.

Snow White sees the world from a balanced perspective and brings harmony to her home. He is personable with a spontaneous and adventurous spirit. His tender heart feels the discomfort of others. She can “ read ” her man well and anticipate his needs delights her (and him too!). One Snow White reports that when she bought her husband’s favorite canned soup from the market, he made sure to thank her and tell her how much he loved him. He felt. Who knows.

A clever Snow White makes sure she has a full and passionate life outside of her marriage. She is full of curiosity and fascinates life. If your man likes his time on the couch, she can give him her acceptance of that … a precious gift indeed.

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