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Characteristics of Art Deco furniture

Between World War I and World War II, escapism through art was born and found its way into all lifestyles. It was seen in furniture, jewelry, and architecture. This new revolution in art became known as “Art Deco” and it was elegant, luxurious and extravagant. After the First World War, artists wanted to create hope and optimism for the future.

The Art Deco movement began to decline when World War II began because the furniture was considered extravagant for the economic hardships people faced. Many of the pieces are now part of art collections.

Characteristics of Art Deco furniture

In the furniture, the artist incorporated themes of fountains and sun rays to symbolize the dawn of a new modern era. There were also geometric shapes that were symbolic for technology and machinery. The artists were also inspired by ancient cultures such as the civilizations of Central America, Egypt, and Asia. They used luxurious fabrics and vibrant colors. Wear satin metal finishes, garish mirrors, exotic ornaments like jewelry, and lush leathers. The artists did not use classical materials for their furniture, but instead used materials with glass, inlaid and lacquered wood, stainless steel and aluminum. They also used bold symmetries and repeats, sweeping curves, sunburst motifs, and chevron patterns.

types of furniture

• Mirrors-dressers, coffee tables and dressers and dressers were made with mirrors

• Exotic wood furniture: Various pieces of furniture were being created using rare woods such as ebony, amboina, violet wood and mahogany. They were also using woods that were not as expensive as ash, broad, and oak. Once the furnishings are complete, you will put on a coat of lacquer that will give it a classy and glamorous look. When making Art Deco cabinets, the use of lacquer was widespread.

• Metal finishing- In the 1920s the industrial boom and the Machine Age were symbolized, which were transferred to furniture. It had a futuristic look with stainless steel and metal finishes.

• Leather Furniture – During the Art Deco period, leather furniture was a great success. The furnishings were made of soft, richly textured leathers in three main colors, which were tan, black, and brown. Some dyed the leather in garish colors like mandarin orange or cherry red. You could find ottomans, armchairs, and sofas made of leather.

• Wood Inlays – A main feature of the Art Deco era was giving armchairs and sofas a classic wood inlay. This gave the furniture an expensive and sophisticated appeal. The colors that the artists used mainly were rich gold, copper and metallic tones.

• Lavish trimmings – Furnishings are adorned with accents of lavish quarts, onyx, ivory, Murano glass, jade, and other stones. The artists used them mainly in wall clocks, chandeliers, lamps and radios to give them an epicurean and modern look.

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