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Direct Response Writing – 2 Ways to Effectively Exploit Your List

What are the best internet marketers constantly doing that helps them build an email list of Gazillion followers?

In every piece of content they create they use a strategy known as direct response copywriting.

This strategy is simple yet highly effective, creating a compelling call-to-action about what they want their prospect to do next.

The reason most people don’t use this strategy is perhaps because they don’t know about it, and if they do, they may not want to seem pushy or promote too much.

In reality, though, if you’re going to spend time creating content and posting it to the marketplace, you need to offer some perceived value and create a call-to-action to engage your prospects!

This can be in the form of a free training webinar on a particular topic, a free ebook, or an exclusive interview, etc.

Providing such value in your content will help you with your direct response writing approach.

2 ways to explode your list

1. Articles – Within the body of your article, you want to engage your prospects at least 2-3 times with a direct response message.


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This simple strategy has worked very effectively in my marketing efforts and dramatically increased my conversion rates.

You want to use this strategy at least 2 times in every article or email you create!

2. The Open Loop – In this strategy, you provide a lot of value in your content, but you never finish your thinking, which leaves an open loop. This is extremely powerful because it makes your target market eager for the rest of the story!


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This strategy works great with article and video marketing and will also help you build a dynamic list of hungry followers!

This is the exact same strategy that TV shows and news channels use to keep their viewers glued!

Internet marketing is a phenomenal concept, however, what most marketers miss is the point that the focus of your marketing efforts should be on building a gigantic list.

A thriving list is where the bread and butter and milk and honey exist for building an exploding MLM organization, and for repeat customer traffic for any of your future offerings!

Start implementing these strategies and see what they do for your business. Direct response copywriting is a vital skill to adopt if you truly want to generate a substantial income online and more importantly grow your business.

Being able to create sales through copy takes time, practice, and persistence. It is not something that one can master overnight or in a short time. Implementing the two strategies I discussed above is the tip of the iceberg for how creative you can get when it comes to direct response writing.

Learning the ropes of Direct Response Copywriting is something that can help you in all aspects of your business, from sales copy to writing effective ads, etc.

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