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Don’t underestimate the power of positive energy to attract your ex!

Many don’t know that the negative energy they are projecting is a major factor preventing them from getting a second chance with their ex boyfriend or girlfriend. Are you using your energy or your vibe to push your ex away from you or to draw your ex back to you? Your energy has to work to attract them. Here’s why.

A breakup is always a mass of negative emotions. Calling, pleading, and begging her ex to reconsider the relationship and give her a second chance just makes the situation worse because the negative emotion is perpetuated.

Every time you pick up the phone or send an email or text to beg, cry, throw a tantrum, or go on a guilt trip, you are sending out more and more negative vibes and projecting them onto your ex.

The result is that you see the back of your ex as they desperately try to run away from this overwhelming negativity. So far since the breakup, every time your ex thinks of you, he takes him back to a place of negative energy and emotion that he wants to get away from.

So now you have to change your vibe and project a positive emotion to attract your ex to you. You want when her ex thinks of you, nothing but a flurry of positive, carefree, fluffy, confusing, fun thoughts comes to mind.

You are probably wondering how to do that, right? There is a whole system you can use to accomplish this. Go to the links below to learn more about it!

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