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Fighting strategy for Rokmar the Crackler and Quagmirran in the World of Warcraft slave pens

The first instance at Coilfang Reservoir is The Slave Pens. The Slave Pens has three bosses in total. Here is the fighting strategy for the second and third bosses.

Rokmar the Crackler


The second boss of The Slave Pens is Rokmar the Crackler.


This fight is simple. Have the tank grab Rokmar the Crackler and tank him at least 35 yards from the healer. Have the DPS kill him while the party keeps an eye on his three abilities.


The first is Serious Wounds. This is a bleed ability that deals 900 damage per tick and will continue until the target is fully healed or dies. This can only be removed with Stoneform and Divine Shield.


The next ability is Water Spit. This is an Area of ​​Effect spell, or AoE, that deals 1600-1800 Frost Damage to all party members within 40 yards of it.


The last one is Ensnaring Moss. This is a debuff that slows your casts and attacks by 50%. Make sure you get out of the 30 yard range. If the healer is hit with Ensnaring Moss, the raid will be erased.




The last boss of The Slave Pens is Quagmirran. It is a basic tank and a DPS fight.


This boss only has two abilities. The first is Acid Geyser, which targets a random player on the raid and throws a cone of acid at them, dealing damage to nature. This can be removed from a player by the tank taunting Quagmirran. It will turn towards the tank for the duration of the taunt. The second ability is Poison Volley, an AoE or Area of ​​Effect spell. Fires poisonous bolts at everyone in the raid and adds a poison damage over time, or a DOT, that can be removed.


Have the tank look at him away from the raid so that only he is hit by the acid geyser. Healers need to dispel Poison Points while healing. In the meantime, just have the DPS kill him.


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