He dumped you – Put the ball in his court and make your ex-boyfriend miss you!

You were so in love with your ex boyfriend that he was amazing. You did everything together; you had so much in common, you were inseparable. You still love him very much and would do anything to see him again. The only thing you can do in this situation is make your ex boyfriend want to flirt with you again. But how do you do it?

Your ex is aware that he has broken your heart by leaving him. He doesn’t care that you’re constantly crying and depressed. You’re not his problem anymore, so making a fuss about things won’t help you. You have to leave it alone and take the opportunity to get over all those feelings.

It is important that you move on with your own life. Hang out with friends, walk the dogs, and go to the beach. Keeping your mind busy will help you get through the situation, but it will also help you get through the whole situation. You need to make sure you look amazing all the time, so go treat yourself with a makeover – get that manicure you most desperately wanted. Looking your best is a surefire way to make your ex boyfriend want to flirt with you again.

When your ex sees that you are getting along with your life and that you look amazing too, they will start to miss you. Without a doubt, they will regret their decision and want you to come back to their life once again.

If you want your ex to want to flirt with you again, you need to make sure you give him time to reassess the situation. Leaving them alone will improve the situation and give them a chance to miss you. You never know, it could be them longing for your touch again.

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