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How to improve the appearance of your kitchen with little money

Redoing a kitchen typically costs thousands of dollars. Discover some very inexpensive changes you can make to your kitchen to improve its appearance.

Most of the time, upgrading your kitchen is a very expensive thing. A complete remodel will cost you thousands of dollars and take several weeks to complete. Sometimes you may want to make your kitchen look better without spending all those thousands of dollars. You may be remodeling the kitchen to simply improve the look or perhaps to improve the look of your home before selling or renting it to someone else. Discover some very inexpensive ways you can do to upgrade your kitchen.

The first task you need to tackle is painting the walls or replacing wallpaper. Make sure that when you do this you get brighter colors. This will make the space look much larger, especially if you have a small kitchen. This will not cost a lot of money and can make a big difference in the appearance of the kitchen.

Use white or bright colors on your window frames. This will make them look nice and clean. If they are finished wood, clean them as best you can or sand them and give them a fresh coat.

Hire a floor cleaner and polish your floors. This will make them look like new again. If you have the time, you can also buy new flooring which is quite cheap, costing around $4 to $6 per square foot. For most kitchens, this should be economical as there isn’t a lot of floor space.

Replace the kitchen cabinet doors, leaving the cabinets intact. This will cost much less than replacing all the cabinets in the kitchen. You can even buy used cabinet doors that have been refurbished to look like new.

If you can’t afford to replace the cabinet doors, replace all the knobs and handles. This is a very inexpensive change that will make the cabinets look more up to date with the rest of the interior.

Get matching curtains and rugs. Put them in your kitchen to add some color to the area. Get curtains that match your walls and cabinets.

Freshen up your kitchen with something that smells good. Get a small wall plug air freshener. This will make your kitchen much more attractive to friends and guests.

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