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How to make your bathroom look bigger

It is true that we would all love to have a large bathroom space filled with luxurious fixtures and fittings. But the reality is that our bathrooms are small corners of the house. But that does not prevent us from creating an elegant and functional bathroom that we like. Read on to find out how you can redesign your bathroom and make it look good.

Vertical lines create a visual impact of expanding the width of the space and make the entire bathroom look bigger if you paint the bathroom with vertical stripes. Horizontal lines make it appear taller. The color you choose can also enhance the illusion of space. Check which color suits the bathroom best and make it look bigger, from the paint company and choose accordingly.

By using various utility accessories in the bathroom, you can create a larger space and have the feeling of a larger bathroom. Creative use of mirror lighting can enhance and make a bathroom look larger. Also, the continuous mosaics with a design of common vertical lines make the bathroom feel larger.

Look at the interior design and civil construction aspects of the bathroom and redesign as needed to make the right changes to make your bathroom look spacious. Avoid unnecessary raised slab or header construction. The floor should always be even and on one level. Use large windows whenever possible and let in sunlight. Keep the floor simple without any design variations to make it look larger and larger.

If you use bright monotone colors on all the bathroom walls, the symmetry will make it look like a bigger and tidier place. Don’t use contrasts or complementary colors to create variation; can make the space appear smaller. Blue, white and off-white are colors that make the bathroom look bigger.

If you use bright shades like white, sky blue, and off-white colors, the bathroom will look brighter as it reflects light and the space will look larger as well. But then be careful to make sure you don’t have any shelves or cabinets sticking out of nowhere. Opt for hidden shelving.

Bathroom floors should be single level and unpatterned. Windows should be as close to the ceiling as possible. If possible, use glass tiles to get more reflection of sunlight inside the bathroom. Use white laminate or brightly colored wainscoting for cabinets and shelves. Make sure the sink countertop is white marble or granite with a light shade.

Since most of us are very particular about our bathroom, we need to spend time working around good design and renovating the bathroom to make it inviting and inviting. Then you will discover that the bath is no longer a ritual but a relaxation.

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