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How to set gorgeous whites in the home environment

Humans have eternally sought freshness and vibrancy in stunningly white bedding. White is very classic indeed. The whiteness of the snow elevates the smallest detail. Despite all the vibrant colors that dominate modern life, whites are loved like never before. Go for the bright and sharp colors of white! Dreamy visions of white kitchens also dominate social media. Tune in to trends and lay in white marble, unless it’s a budget-friendly Whisper White Subway Tile. If you’re planning that heavenly white setting, work with our expert designers to achieve the inspired effects.

1. Multiple layers will do the trick

Imagine a master bathroom dominated by white that includes Stellar White Quartz. The sterile white look would suit medical clinics, but not so much home. Install a variety of white tones with textures and dimensions in addition to natural elements. Wood look tiles create stunning surfaces. Bring layers in organic sneakers and accessories. Go for plants and artwork too.

2. Aim for the charm

Would you like to put celestial white Carrara marble floors to add to the aura of the bathroom? White has an intense glamor. Kind whites in the home are also very fashionable. The clever hardware and glossy subway tiles would add an attractive character.

3. Mix or contrast aesthetics

Calacatta Verona Quartz achieves a sizzling vibe. Maybe you are getting too white. A small dose of black or gray would help break it up and bring a serious note. A powerful focal point in a mostly white room would be achieved with dark cabinets, unless white cabinets are preferred. Blue Treasure quartzite could serve as a surprise countertop.

4. Larger prints

Grecian White Subway Tile achieves a stunning effect in a small dressing table. The rooms take on vast dimensions with whites from floor to ceiling. The reason is that the eye is not distracted. Opt for large tiles and glazed surfaces. Use less grout and white paint to hide blemishes in older homes.

5. Design sense

Dekora from the Kenzzi collection would set a refreshing pattern. Mosaics or graphic prints, solid colors do not work and designs are mandatory. The environment becomes much more pleasant and highlighted with striking patterns. The Kenzzi collection includes common sense porcelain floor tiles along with complementary ceramic wall tiles.

6. Combine the traditional and the modern

What about real wood floors paired with Calacatta marble countertops and Whisper White Subway tiles?

A dramatic effect is achieved in white kitchens by combining modern surfaces with aged surfaces. Pair marble countertops with porcelain plank flooring and white cabinets. If you want natural stone floors, the travertine tiles combined with natural quartz countertops from the Q line would surprise you.

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