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Dolores Hidalgo, Mexico – Cradle of Independence

The scene in the quiet little town of Dolores Hidalgo contrasts sharply with what it probably was in 1810. In this year Father Miguel Hidalgo, among others, unleashed the movement for independence with his Cry of Independence. This scene is portrayed annually every September 15 throughout Mexico. Today, small stalls and shops dot the streets […]


The value of part-time employment and autistic adults

Employment is an area of ​​great concern for adults on the autism spectrum. While some companies have targeted employees with autism for various openings, others continue to cling to stereotypes and limiting beliefs from the past. Sometimes the solutions to a problem are literally right in front of us, but for countless reasons we cannot […]


Nissan R35 GTR – Supercar or not?

The Nissan GTR has always been a vehicle that represents extreme performance. What most people don’t realize when they think of this machine is that it has always been a full performance type of car. The new R35 GTR has been injected with the same DNA as the previous R32, R33 and R34 models. This […]


Do men ever regret leaving their wives?

I often hear of wives who hope that one day their husband will regret leaving them. Often times, these same wives will tell their husbands that leaving is a mistake that he will one day regret. And often the husband doesn’t believe this for a second, or has doubts that he might have overruled his […]

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Costume wigs through the ages

The role of costume wigs has not changed dramatically throughout the ages. They are mainly used for decoration and to hide hair loss. One of the most significant differences between the historical use of wigs and today is that costume wigs were also used to denote their social position in the past. Costume wigs date […]