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AZ Guide to 1950s Slang

You bought an Elvis costume, a Buddy Holly jacket, or a polka dot skirt and petticoat. So you’re ready for your 50’s themed party, right? Wrong! You need the lingo, man! You’ll be the big tickle of all beatniks if you show up and aren’t armed with the vocabulary. So, put on some thick-rimmed glasses […]

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I love New York T-shirts: a story

We’ve all seen “I Love New York” T-shirts, mugs, posters, and other branded merchandise, but few people know exactly where they come from, and even those who do miss out on some of the trivia surrounding the tagline. The tagline is old enough that most people can look at I Love New York t-shirts without […]


How to introduce your kids to ATVs

More and more children under the age of 12 are discovering the fun and excitement of riding a quad bike. If mom, dad, or both are crossing sand dunes or rough terrain, the kids will be deeply in love with the activity and can’t wait to be old enough to ride an ATV. As a […]


WhatsApp users get voice calling feature

Introduction Users of the Android version of mobiles have good news. The WhatsApp application has been given the function of voice calls so that people can use internet telephony effectively. The company already implemented this update for some users a few months ago on a trial basis. These privileged users, in turn, had passed this […]


Ford poised to lead small SUV market growth

Ford, which catered to the SUV boom in the 1990s, has revealed its plans to invest more in small and midsize SUVs, which are set to launch numerous models around the world. The small SUV segment, which has seen a massive increase than any other Ford vehicle segment, is wanted to be larger and with […]