Separating from your dog can be traumatizing

Separating from your dog can be more traumatic than you think. Animals are very special to those of us who love them. Dogs are just as important as all members of your family. And separating from your dog can cause enormous feelings of sadness and guilt.

Whether you are gifting your dog or selling it, you should carefully consider all the alternatives before doing so. It may be too late when you realize you made the wrong decision to let your dog go.

Yes, dogs are our best friends. But there are times when you may be forced to separate from yours. The reasons for this will vary. It could be that you are setting up your residence in a building where pets are not allowed or you simply can no longer afford to keep your dog.

Prepare in advance

Like any other permanent separation in our lives, you have to prepare well in advance for your dog’s departure. You have to be strong first. Don’t wallow in self-pity during this process. Both you and your dog should be stress free.

Be sure to introduce some grooming routines that will help you and your dog cope better when the day finally comes. This way your dog will not be too anxious during the process. Train your dog in separation techniques. Repeat this routine until your dog doesn’t react when you are about to leave. Once you do, give your dog a treat and lots of praise.

Get professional advice

Talk to vets, family, and friends about this impending move. Raise any concerns you may have and listen to the advice. They can even help you find your dog a loving home where he is properly cared for. The welfare of your dog is your responsibility. Make sure you can sleep with yourself after he’s gone.

You will also need support systems to help you cope with this process of saying goodbye to your dog and his loss once he is gone. But don’t expect everyone to feel your pain. Expect to be ridiculed by some friends and society in general. They may say that you are losing it. So why bother? Yes, you are actually losing your best friend.

Don’t lose focus

Your first goal is to make separating from your dog as painless as possible. Your second goal is to get your dog a new home. Don’t let what people say or the confusion that is happening within you derail this process. Focus on your goal and manage the process to the best of your ability. Knowing that you did your best for your dog when you could no longer care for him will bring him a lot of comfort.

Be ready to cry

Separating from your dog will not be easy. It can cause deep feelings of sadness, guilt, and loneliness. Allow yourself to be in this moment and mourn the loss of your dog. Do it as if you were any member of your family. Nothing will replace the unconditional love that your dog gave you.

You may be angry at yourself for letting your dog go. Don’t hold back those feelings, they are part of the grieving process. The path may even lead you through depression and eventually acceptance. Embrace every stage you face, including crying yourself to sleep. That is the only way to achieve a complete cure.

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