Should a Press Release Be Sent As an Attachment?

Press Release

When you send a press release, include a photograph or graphic. Many news stories feature photographs and captions. A well-composed photograph can add visual interest to a press release. Avoid head-and-shoulders shots or photos with logos in the background. A black-and-white photo may be difficult to edit, but it can still be effective. It can also draw attention to a product or service.

The most common mistake that people make when sending press releases is enclosing them in an untrusted email message. The reason for this is that emails can contain computer viruses. To avoid this, copy and paste the text of the press release into the body of an email. Instead of enclosing an image or document, send the text in plain text. Remember that a press release should be informative, so use quotes, images, and relevant information to create a memorable document.

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If you need to attach images or graphics, it’s better to send them as separate files. When you attach an image, check the quality by clicking on the details of the image. If it’s too small, it might appear stretched or blurry. To avoid this problem, you can send the images as Dropbox or WeTransfer files. You will be able to include links to your website in your press release and it will appear more professionally.

Should a Press Release Be Sent As an Attachment?

Whenever possible, send a press release as an attachment. This is the easiest way to send it. Simply drop the text into the email body and attach the image. Newsletter software can help you maintain the formatting of your email and press releases. If you’re unsure, you can try newsletter software to keep your files in perfect shape. When sending a press release, it’s important to keep in mind the size, file format, and the content of the attachment.

You should also avoid sending your press release as an attachment. Not only is this a bad idea, it can also send viruses. If you can’t send it in an attachment, don’t worry. A good practice is to copy the text of your press release into the body of your email. It’s best to use plain text and avoid any special formatting or special fonts. Adding an image as an attachment can only make your release more attractive and readable.

Another common mistake is sending a press release as an attachment. It’s a bad practice to send a press release as an attachment. Even worse, it can contain a virus. Moreover, many news media outlets are wary of email messages without an attachment, as they could contain computer viruses. Stick to plain text and avoid any special formatting for your press release. Only send documents or images as an attachment.

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