The 5 best (and worst) REALTOR taglines

Let’s get down to business, shall we?

The best REALTOR slogans

# 5. “My job is your future”– Well. So you understand how important home buying is to me.

# 4. “Provider of fine houses for excellent people” – Not bad; a little boring, but you are fluent in the language and demonstrate a strong commitment to a target market.

# 3. “Sold in 100 days or I buy it”– Does this belong to the top 5? Yes, because it stands out, it is committed and I know I will have a guaranteed sale in 4 months.

# 2. “I’ll never forget that you have a choice.”– That’s what I like to hear: you will always have the right motivations while we work together.

# 1. “Anyone can sell their house. I can sell it for more.” – Strong, assertive and straight to the point. Let me put you to the test.

Worst REALTOR Slogans

# 5. “A Real Estate Agent You Can Trust”– Sounds like something your probation officer told you to say.

# 4. “No fancy punchlines, just great service”– Is this an oxymoron? (Definitely an idiot)

# 3. “It’s the Energy!”– And what does that mean? I think your doctor overprescribes stimulants … Out of curiosity, what is his name (my friend wants to know …)?

# 2. “Everything I touch becomes sold!” – Ha ha! It’s funny, I grant you. But now that the joke is over, can you introduce me to a real REALTOR?

# 1. “Spouses who sell houses” – Do you include domestic disputes with projections?


This was a difficult article to write because there are at least 20 terrible phrases for all the good ones. Some general rules:

  • Use common sense: no one wants to hear you state the obvious, and no one is interested in complacency. There’s not much room for humor either (there are exceptions, of course), so keep it professional.
  • If it says something bold in your motto, make sure you’re willing to eat, sleep, and breathe with it.
  • If you can’t find anything good, don’t worry – customers won’t notice you don’t have a slogan, but you may lose customers if you have a bad one.

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