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The advantages of having a big penis

The title of this article seems strange, but we all know that having a huge penis is the dream and the envy of most men. Men seek penis enlargement programs, hoping to fulfill this deep-seated desire. It has become an obsession in today’s world, where size does matter. It’s not just men who are concerned about the size of their own penis; The fairer sex is just as crazy about it! Do you know that some men opt for enlargement programs because their partners literally asked them to?

As fun as it may sound, there are many advantages to having a big penis.

1. Increase your confidence infinitely. Most men who are well hung feel that they are superior when it comes to performance in bed. Some women would fall head over heels for a ‘huge member’ and this kind of obsession makes the guy feel powerful. It’s a complete visual turn-on for some women. It looks good in the dressing room too.

2. A larger penis allows the man to release his semen further into the woman’s vagina. This will slightly increase the chances of the woman getting pregnant. We know that sperm in semen don’t survive very long outside of a man’s body, which is why you want them to get as far into a woman’s vagina as possible.

3. It really improves your sexual performance. Do you know that a woman’s G-spot is located deep inside her? With a longer penis, you will be able to reach her G-spot and make her orgasm. However, a long penis is not enough. In addition to length, it must also have thickness. A thicker penis provides more friction to her clitoris during intercourse, helping her reach orgasm even faster. Women have also reported that it is more satisfying with a thicker penis.

So there you have it, a thick and long penis will help you in many more ways than you thought!

With so much craze for penis size, we try as many programs as we can find. However, you should know that not all of them are safe and good for your penis. The pills, for example, contain other ‘unknown’ substances that can be harmful to health. There are many dangers when using penis pumps, especially when using too much suction. It can cause permanent damage to your genital organs. Surgeries can be a good option, but not many men are willing to take the risk that comes with it. You should weigh your options before trying any program on your own. The safest way would be to do penis exercises with your own hands!

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