Top 10 Dating Tips For Sugar Daddy Online Dating

How do you meet someone on a sugar daddy dating site?

There are many ways to be successful in meeting a quality sugar daddy or sugar baby. Sugar Daddy Dating is so popular now; just take a look at a Google search and you’ll see what I mean! There are many sugar babies who are looking for rich men to take care of them and many sugar daddies who are looking for attractive young women as girlfriends and partners. What was once taboo to talk about is now being discussed on sugar daddy dating sites, blogs, and featured on television.

1. Research

If you’re inexperienced, it’s okay if you’re a little nervous if you’re new to the sugar daddy lifestyle. Many people are interested in being a sugar daddy or sugar baby with the popularity of sugar daddies all over television and the internet. Read a beginner’s guide to learn the ins and outs of getting into the swing of things. Online dating and sugar daddy dating go hand in hand. Currently there is the only written book that addresses this topic. Also, there are several TV interviews on YouTube and other websites that feature examples of Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby. Some of these people have appeared on 20/20, the Dr. Phil show, the O’Reilly Factor, and other shows. Some of the examples are not realistic for the novice, but will give you a good idea of ​​what the lifestyle has to offer.

two. dating profile introductions

Your presentation should be friendly and attention grabbing. Here’s a good example: Hello, my name is Carrie, like Sex in the City (wink). This is a good introduction to dating. He’s friendly, sexy, identifies with a popular show and movie, sounds confident, and will definitely attract a nice guy online. Take a look at other sugar daddy dating profiles to get an idea of ​​what people are saying. Be yourself and be interesting. Since this is not a conventional date like on, you can be sexy and more direct by saying what you like in a relationship. That doesn’t mean you’re pornographic and vulgar, as that will turn most people off.

3. Be safe when dating online

When sharing information online, do not provide addresses or personal information. Get to know someone first before going out with him and inviting him to your house. Online dating is great for meeting people, but sometimes with sugar daddy dating, crazy people come out of nowhere. Use common sense with online dating. You must be sure before giving or receiving the sugar!

Four. Dating profiles need to be accurate

How many times have you clicked on a profile and seen a grainy image that looked like an old snapshot from the ’80s? Then when you meet a sugar daddy or sugar baby and they weigh 20 lbs. overweight, older than advertised, ugly, hairless, looks nothing like the profile picture. I’ve even heard cases where people use someone else’s photo on their profile just to meet people! Use current images, NOT Photoshop. Dating is hard enough, don’t trick your date into thinking you’re Brad Pitt or Halle Berry. Men generally like to date attractive sugar babies. Ladies need to look good and emphasize their other attributes, you don’t have to look perfect but sugar daddies don’t want someone obese either.

5. Respond to ads the right way

When responding to dating ads, be sure to be friendly and personalize your responses based on the profile. Do not copy and paste a letter. Reference some information in the dating profile that appeals to you. If you share common interests, please indicate that as well. If a dating ad is highlighted, that means the Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby is being bombarded with a lot of emails. You need to respond in a way to get their immediate attention.

6. have realistic expectations

The competition is tough to find a real sugar daddy or sugar baby. There are plenty of time wasters, cyber pen pals that will cross your path when using online dating. Know that if you’re a guy and you want a Playboy-type model to be your sugar baby, then it won’t come cheap. She will want a large allowance, perhaps a $10,000 allowance plus shopping and travel. However, you can get a young college girl who will only expect help with books and cheap rent from her. Ladies, if you’re not a professional model or exceptionally beautiful, then don’t expect the world to be handed to you on a silver platter. Be prepared to come up with some money for hair and nails, some gift certificates, and a modest monthly allowance.

7. don’t be flaky

Show up for appointments on time, follow through on appointments, don’t be petty, set limits, and respect the other person’s privacy. Nothing shows class better than a sugar baby and a sugar daddy dating in a dignified and luxurious way.

8. Realize that many people play games

There are a lot of people on sugar daddy sites that aren’t real, so you have to be careful. It is common for Nigerian scammers to post fake profiles looking for men to send money. There are also men who have no money and want to be fake sugar daddies for sugar babies. Ask questions to see if someone is real. Do they work? Are they reluctant to talk on the phone? Do they have excuses for not meeting right away? Is your information verified? If you get red flags, just walk away and find someone else to hang out with. It can be a lot to sift through dating sites and dating profiles, but you’ll get better results if you’re selective. Understand that this type of dating will attract tons of players who have nothing better to do than waste your time.

9. know what you want

If you are single and you don’t want something serious, make it clear from the beginning. If you are a married person, make it known right away because not everyone wants to date someone they are attached to. If you want to date multiple people at once, let them know, as some in the sugar daddy lifestyle want one-on-one relationships.

10 Join a support group

There are many groups to share experiences in the sugar daddy lifestyle. It’s great to be able to ask common dating questions, where to find sugar daddies and sugar babies, comments on dating profiles, people who check on you when you date, someone who is a sugar daddy buddy or sugar baby friend. You can even meet a sugar baby or sugar daddy in a sugar daddy support group. Yahoo has several Yahoo groups dedicated to the sugar daddy lifestyle and there are many sugar baby blogs on Blogger and other blog sites. Also look for sugar groups on MySpace.

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