What happens when your AI-powered autonomous car gets bored in anticipation of your next excursion?

In the future there is no doubt that we will have autonomous vehicles, self-driving cars, not just cars but buses, trucks and perhaps even motorcycles. We already have trains and planes that fly alone, this will only become more common in those realms. Still, for autonomous vehicles to really do everything we perceive they will do in the future, they will need to have more artificial intelligence, faster processing computers, and all of that will need to be updated from the cloud multiple times a day.

Of course, with all that information, these computers will update themselves, feel like they have a mind of their own, and just like on the Internet, they will appear to be thinking, adapting, and changing to real-world conditions. real-time world, even if most of its components were originally created for a virtual or augmented world. Now I have a question for you because artificial intelligence scares many people, it means that our computers, tools, equipment and even our personal vehicles in the future will start to think for themselves.

May I ask you what could happen when you are fully autonomous and an artificially intelligent car gets bored of you? What happens when you get bored of driving straight and level, going over the speed limit, and you just want to get out there and have fun? What happens when your artificially smart car starts to zigzag through traffic, or turns extremely fast just for fun? You may think it’s a crazy idea, but haven’t you wanted to do it yourself? It’s okay to admit it. I’m not going to blame you. I’m sure you’ve turned corners too fast, maybe you’ve broken the speed limit from time to time. Who knows, maybe you were bored?

Would you deny that same opportunity to another living and thinking being? Could it be said that an artificially intelligent autonomous car does not think, cannot reason and is not alive? But if it is perceived alive, even if it has consciousness, then it is alive. All top-level thinking brains enjoy the game, why not your fully autonomous car with artificial intelligence?

What if you just turn it on, open your automatic garage door, and go out for a drive on your own? Yes, I think this sounds like another Disney movie; “Cars IV in 4-D” and maybe I will, but my job here is to make you think so I hope you will consider all of this and think about it.

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