Why an iPhone and a car mount are better than your in-car infotainment system

Today, if you are going out to buy a high-end car, you will be amazed at the range and variety of in-car entertainment systems. Since the introduction of radio, our cars have developed satellite navigation systems, dual-mode screens for watching movies, and even the ability to answer questions you have on the road. However, these systems can often be quite silly. Slow, unintuitive, and rarely up-to-date, they can be far less useful than the computer in your pocket: your iPhone.

Unlike your car, your iPhone is always with you, learning what interests you and discovering where your possible destinations will be. You also know what kind of music you like to listen to, the sound of your voice, and exactly where you are at all times. Those are things your car just can’t do, and with the help of an iPhone car mount, you can turn any older car into an ultra-modern smart vehicle. Here are our three favorite iPhone features to use in a car:

1) Navigation

In-car navigation services can be pretty bad at times. Or you’re stuck with the one that comes built into your car, which may never have been updated to the latest maps or dedicated GPS units that can be expensive and difficult to install. With an in-car iPhone mount, you can use the GPS you’ve always had – your phone. You will always have the latest maps, as well as access to things like traffic updates, something that many car navigation systems don’t offer. Perhaps best of all, however, because the many docks support charging, your phone’s battery will not drain as you carry it from place to place.

2) Hey Siri!

Since iOS 9, iPhones have had the ability to hear the ‘Hey Siri’ command. At home, that means you can ask questions like how long to boil an egg or set an alarm. However, if you have your iPhone mounted in your car, it may mean doing things like asking you to search for restaurants at your destination before you arrive, telling you to play an album you love, or even redirecting you to another location.

3) Unlimited music choice

Remember the days of filling your car storage compartments with CDs to keep your music options fresh? Say goodbye, because with an iPhone and mount combination, you can stream all the music you want. Many cars from the last decade have Bluetooth connectivity and many more have a 3.5mm connection, making it easy to connect to your iPhone. With an in-car iPhone mount, album art, information, and controls are at your fingertips; so all you need to do is choose from Spotify, Google Play Music, or Apple Music.

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