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How to lose weight during perimenopause

It’s no secret that most women struggle to gain extra and unwanted pounds as they approach “change.” This problem leads women to despair of discovering how to lose weight during perimenopause. Weight gain is probably one of the most annoying problems that premenopausal women face. Besides not being able to fit in your old clothes, […]


Your Ragdoll cat can feel very lonely

Your rag doll cat is probably a very important and always present figure in your life, every time you turn around you will probably see the rag doll following you or lying on the ground, ready to be stepped on if you step back without looking. The rag doll is truly a breed that loves […]

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Alice in Wonderland (1951) Bluray Review

I think that Disney’s 1951 version of Alice in Wonderland is not only my favorite adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s Alice stories, but probably my favorite cartoon from the “Golden Age” of animated feature color films of the world. study that began with Snow White in 1937; Although it could easily have been different for more […]


The advantages of having a diversion safe

When a burglar enters a home, he only spends about eight minutes searching for valuables. Most thieves know where people hide their valuables: in the underwear drawer, the sock drawer, under the bed. You can ensure that the thief spends all his time searching and finding nothing by hiding your valuables in unexpected or hard-to-reach […]