The best of one hundred and eleven

The all-time series between the Cleveland franchise and the Pittsburgh Steelers is tied, tied if you will, at 55-55. The Steelers have won nine in a row and 15 of 16 against their brown-and-orange-clad division rivals, who took a 96-99 break to go to Baltimore and win a Super Bowl, before reappearing with Tim Couch […]

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Local Markets in the Algarve

The Algarve is famous for its excellent food and excellent wines. The best place to go if you want to learn more about the people and culture is the market. There are plenty of food festivals, flea markets, gypsy markets and weekly markets in the Algarve. Locals can choose from a wide variety of fresh […]


Who invented the Internet? What is the future?

Before the Internet was really the Internet, it was called the ARPAnet. ARPA-Who? Yes, it sure is a funny sounding name. Especially considering what the Internet is today, which encompasses literally every aspect of our lives. ARPAnet is an acronym for Advanced Research Projects Agency Network. In the late 1960s, the Advanced Research Projects Agency […]

Legal Law

Online Sweepstakes, Games, and Contests: Navigating Legal Issues and Cheats

Online sweepstakes, games, and contests have become increasingly popular thanks to the widespread use of social media and iOS apps. However, companies often overlook the need to include the proper documentation and guidelines required by state or federal laws and regulations. Also, today’s new technology often allows web/app users to submit cloned entries or circumvent […]