New puppy, new you!

So you decided to add a new addition to your home. No, we are not talking about a room, but about a new dog. Whether you’re preparing your home for pups, house breaking, crate training, or teaching your dog a fabulous memory or new trick, the general care and maintenance required is just as important […]

Real Estate

IBlast Moki 2 HD

After being saved from Kimo’s evil designs, the Mokis are scattered all over the world and you must find them and return them to their village with the help of magical portals. Since he had never played the original title, he had no idea what to expect from iBlast Moki 2so i was surprised to […]

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Swakopmund in Namibia

Namibia is located on the west coast of Africa, between South Africa in the south and Angola in the north. A sparsely populated country where you can drive hundreds of miles without seeing a town. Swakopmund is located between the sea and the dunes, a true oasis in the desert. The German influence is still […]


Indiana Employment Law Changes: Seasonal Workers Are No Longer Entitled to Unemployment Benefits

Should seasonal workers be allowed to collect unemployment benefits in their idle time? The state of Indiana recently passed legislation that prevents seasonal workers from collecting unemployment benefits when they are laid off at the end of the season. See Indiana Code Section 22-4-3-5. Aside from the political and economic issues with this new change […]


Safety at the entrance of vehicles for children

Gate safety is a very demanding responsibility for parents or guardians of young children. Even when you watch your kids closely, it’s hard to react quickly enough when they run from your driveway onto the street, whether it’s chasing a ball or riding a toy. Some of the most devastating car accidents involving children happen […]