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10 things to remember when renting villas in Tuscany

Are you planning to rent one of the wonderful villas in Tuscany? Be sure to rent from a reputable and established company that knows the region well, and be careful to be on the lookout for these issues that can “show up” to a less reputable operator.

1. Few and highly purchased photos – be careful when you only have one or two photos to review. Such a limited number will not allow you to correctly check what the accommodation really is like. Also be careful with clearly “doctored” photos.

2. Soft and generic information – The best villa rental companies in Tuscany heavily promote local attractions as well as transport routes to the main tourist attractions in the area. If all you see are fluffy adjectives and promises rather than information about the area, do your own research to learn more about what to do and where to go.

3. Located near urban areas or main roads – Speaking of research, you should always find out the exact address of the villa you plan to stay in. Most villas in Tuscany are located far enough from civilization to provide a measure of solitude, so use extreme caution if your research reveals that the address is near an urban center or a national highway.

4. Lack of affiliation – While it is not impossible for owners to become independent, you can rest easy if you find one from an organization that is known for its quality of service and passion for the region.

5. Reviews are few and far between. – It is always a good idea to consult the opinions of fellow travelers, which is another reason to use a dedicated hosting company. The online presence of these agencies will allow you to hear what others have to say, and the absence of reviews could be cause for concern.

6. Services are not mentioned – hot water, air conditioning, refrigerators, swimming pools, outdoor grills – these amenities and many more can make or break your vacation. Companies that don’t take the time and effort to outline their accommodation amenities are missing a very important aspect.

7. No services available – many villas in Tuscany also offer you the option of basic services. Catering, cleaning and laundry are three of the basic services you should look for. You don’t have to pay for them, but knowing these options are available means the owners and the business take their customer service seriously.

8. Slow and difficult communication – It is always a good idea to contact the agents once you find a place that you like online. Just ask them a few questions and check their answers. The speed and clarity with which they answer your questions will reveal their willingness to welcome you as a potential customer.

9. Vague and misleading answers – Be very careful if the agents do not directly answer your question clearly and spontaneously. It is strongly recommended that you use live chat or voice calls to get a better idea of ​​the spontaneity of your responses.

10. The price is suspiciously low – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! The old adage still rings true in this case, so be very careful when a place mysteriously offers significantly lower prices compared to others in the same region of the same quality.

When it comes down to it, choosing a company that is passionate, knowledgeable, accessible, and skilled in their customer service can handle all the details to rent the best accommodation for your Tuscany vacation. This is definitely one of the times in life when it is far better to let the experts do their job than to “go it alone” in the Internet minefield.

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