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Buenos Aires, the best hospitals in Argentina

The city of Buenos Aires has a multiplicity of functions. It is the site of a very large port and has great economic and commercial importance for the country of Argentina. Buenos Aires is also the capital of Argentina and as such is the cultural center of the country. Finally, Buenos Aires is considered an autonomous area within the country. This port city is the financial, industrial and cultural center of the country and has many tourist attractions.

In general, the health sector in Buenos Aires is well developed with many good hospitals in both the public and private sectors. Some of these hospitals, particularly the private ones, offer medical care compatible with international standards. These well-equipped hospitals have agreements with the major health insurance companies.

The German hospital in Buenos Aires (German Hospital) located at Av. Pueyrredón 1640 (C1118 AAT) Buenos Aires is a modern hospital that offers high quality medical services worldwide. The hospital was established in 1867 by a renowned organization of the German community in Argentina. This hospital has the latest technological advances. It is equipped with 240 beds, 11 operating rooms, a coronary unit and modern ICUs for adults and children. The hospital offers first-rate medical care in all specialties of medicine, surgery, transplants and oncology. The German Hospital Center of Excellence for Burn Care (CEPAQ) is a world-famous center for the treatment of severe burns. Your surgery department is well equipped to perform complex surgeries. The hospital has a 24-hour emergency center equipped with a respirator, defibrillator, pacemakers, laryngoscopes, and endotracheal tubes. This sector has medical offices, boxes, an observation unit and a shock room. The hospital’s imaging department demonstrates its modernity with nuclear medicine, magnetic resonance imaging, radiology, computed tomography, ultrasound and breast imaging units. The German Hospital has an ISO 9001: 2000 certified laboratory service that includes a genetics laboratory, a research medicine laboratory and a central laboratory. This is a favorite hospital among visiting communities. Contact phone: (54-11) 4827-7000

Italian Hospital of Buenos Aires located in Gascón 450, C1181ACH, City of Buenos Aires is one of the main private hospitals in the city. This huge 78,000 m² hospital has 600 beds and provides efficient medical care to around 3,000 patients each month with 900 medical staff. This modern hospital, founded in 1853, has established its own health insurance plan. The hospital has well-equipped departments in diagnosis and treatment, medicine, pediatrics, gynecology, orthopedics, and urology. In addition, the hospital offers services in ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology, regenerative therapy and transplantation of the pancreas, liver and lung. The Italian Hospital’s department of surgery is one of the best in the country and is a world-renowned center for the “Da-Vini Surgical System” – the most advanced computer-assisted minimally invasive surgery. All modern facilities in pathology, endocrinology, hemodynamics, nuclear medicine, transfusion medicine, and radiation oncology are available here. The hospital’s imaging services have the most modern equipment. Phone: 4959-0200

British Hospital of Buenos Aires located in Perdriel 74 – CP 1280AEB – Ciudad Autónoma De Buenos Aires is one of the most reputable modern hospitals in the country. This hospital of more than 30,000 m2 of area contains 99 outpatient rooms and 37 practice rooms to offer the best medical service in all the main areas of medicine. The British Hospital surgical section is equipped with a separate clinical area for adult and pediatric surgical inpatients. It has seven general operating rooms, a laminar flow operating room, three ambulatory surgery rooms, and a catheterization laboratory. The hospital’s famous bone marrow transplant unit has four sections. The British Hospital’s imaging section has modern facilities that include two CT rooms, two MRI rooms, five ultrasound rooms, and mammography and radiology units. In addition, the hospital offers excellent services in laboratory tests, dialysis, nuclear medicine, pharmacy and endoscopy. The hospital has 24-hour emergency services and well-equipped ICUs. The British Hospital offers excellent accommodation in 98 single rooms and 35 two-bed rooms. The British Hospital is also a recognized center for medical education and research. Phone: 4309 – 6400

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