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Google Mum Demo – Making Your Site More Visible

Google Mum Demo

If you have a website you want to monitor the performance of, or just want to learn more about your current ranking, then it is time for you to try out the Google MAM. This tool is part of the Google Webmaster Tools suite and helps webmasters with the most in depth website monitoring available on the Internet. Google MAM has shown itself to be very accurate as a tool for gauging search engine traffic. It can determine the number of visitors to your site, where they are coming from, what keywords they used to find your site, and even how long they stayed on your site.

The Google MAM offers a wealth of important information. First, you can learn the number of unique visitors that come to your site. By setting up an account with the Google MAM, you can receive detailed information about who is visiting your site. This includes information on where these visitors came from, where they are located, what pages they are viewing, what keywords they used to arrive at your site, and how long a visitor is on your site.

Google MUM SEO Expert

The Google MAM gives you a valuable tool for studying your competition. By viewing your competitors websites, you will get an idea of what keywords they are using to drive traffic to their site. Keywords are vital to a successful website; without them your site will not have anywhere near the amount of traffic that it does have. While a website owner cannot control the words that appear on their site, they do have the power to choose which keywords to use. Using Google MAM, you can see who is doing well, and what keywords are not doing so well.

Making Your Site More Visible

You can also see how long a person stays on each page of your site. This useful tool can tell you the average time that a visitor stays on one page of your site, versus the average time they spend on each individual page. This helps you determine whether your current marketing strategy is working or if more time is needed to really promote your site. If you notice that your visitors seem to stay on a particular page longer than others, you may want to revise your web marketing efforts.

You can also track where your visitors go after they leave your site. The Google Mum allows you to set up filters that will limit your site to only the pages on your own server that have unique content. In addition, you can see which pages your visitors click on within your site. By setting up filters on your Google MAM page, you will be able to know what keywords are bringing in the traffic. You can then make changes to your site to improve your conversion rates.

Google MAM is just one of the tools that you will need to properly market your online business. It is not a substitute for a website template, software, or link building campaign. However, it is essential to get as much targeted traffic to your site as possible.

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