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The best business from home and 3 steps to start

Are you looking to open a store from home? The truth is, you don’t necessarily need to do any physical work and potentially not even see the product. Here are some tips for getting started with your first home business.

Become an affiliate.

What is an affiliate you are wondering? Well, your role will be to promote products for someone else who owns it. You can promote it all over the internet, but especially in the niche you are in.

A great company to work with that many people have had success with is ClickBank. There they specialize in digital information products. Digital selling is great in every way. There is much less overhead than selling a physical product (no shipping, no deposit, etc.). This means more money for you. The provider very often gives commissions in the range of 50-75% on ClickBank. If the product was $90, with a 75% commission, you would receive $67.50.

Study your product.

Many people ask if they need to buy the product. Our answer would be yes, but people have done it without buying the product you promote.

You will want to study the product and figure out how you are going to promote it. What niche is your product in? What is the specific group of people that would benefit from having it, and who would actually buy it?

Promote it.

There are several ways to promote your product to the public. The ones we know best, Facebook and Twitter, are often great resources to start with.

You can create a Twitter account and a Facebook page and add as many as you can. Post your URL and start writing articles and reviews based on your product. You can often have these social networking sites interlink with each other. For example, when you make a post on Facebook, you can often get a push notification on your Twitter account if you set it up.

Affiliate marketing can be a great home-based business to start. Spend 2/3 of your time promoting and the other 1/3 learning how to promote better. Learning how to do it better can save you thousands of hours and make your first sale much faster. Study those who have had great ClickBank success stories and model exactly how they do it.

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