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Why choose a handmade kitchen?

If you are looking to buy a new kitchen, before you head to your local DIY store and ditch your money, consider the added benefits of having a handmade kitchen.

Most people would assume that a custom kitchen would be out of their price range and would not even consider getting a quote, where it could actually turn out cheaper and save a lot of unnecessary extra work.

For example, if you were to consider a designer who not only offers standard sizes, but offers bespoke sizes, you will see that the kitchen could be planned with better use of space.

Not only will you benefit from optimizing the space in your kitchen, but you will be presented with a much greater variety of styles and finishes, also most custom kitchen companies offer a large selection of accessories to match the wide variety of styles. .

A standard kitchen fabrication would typically offer 40-50 different kitchen styles and colors, which at first glance would seem very attractive. But once you start the removal process, you will find that this sometimes leaves you wanting more options.

If you went to a standard kitchen manufacturer with the idea that you would like a shaker style kitchen, he or she might tell you that you can have it in white or cream, while a handmade kitchen company might give you a choice of 10 or more. . colors or even suggest that you can have it painted any color. This would also apply to the material and finishes that were being offered. A custom kitchen company will most likely offer the shaker style in several different woods and several different finishes, some of the popular woods are oak, maple, cherry, walnut, pine and ash and some of the popular finishes are natural lacquer, bleached, washed away, washed and dyed.

With a large selection of kitchen styles to choose from and a wide variety of woods and finishes, having a custom kitchen gives the customer more scope for work. In addition to all these advantages, the doors and cabinets can also be made to measure, so if you want, for example, a wall unit of a particular size to cover a boiler, this could be suitable. In addition to manufacturing all units of any height, any width, any depth, any style and any color, the kitchen can be complemented with a wide variety of details of cornices, borders, skirting boards, on mantles, bottle racks, shelves for dishes and pilasters . .

With all the different options available, you would automatically assume that a custom kitchen would cost twice as much as a ready-made kitchen, but you might be pleasantly surprised to find that a custom kitchen may not be more expensive, plus the designer can build the kitchen. based on your exact needs and will be able to offer you options that others might not even consider.

Most handmade kitchen companies offer a free, no-obligation quote and design service, so getting a price comparison quote would cost you nothing. The designer may suggest things that would never have crossed your mind.

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